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Fixer-Uppers & Problem Solvers

Fixer-Uppers & Problem Solvers

Anne Lamott said it best when she talked about always meeting people who needed fixing up. My gift for problem solving seemingly made me a magnet for men who wanted someone to fix them.

And the people who didn’t need fixing saw me as the problem that took too much trouble to solve. Okay, it was one person. He told me I had too many problems, so he moved on, but not before he suggested we “fool everyone and run away and get married.” I missed this comment as a proposal and said, “we can talk about it later.” He, of course, got his feelings hurt.

So as it seems, Jane Pauley and Bruce Springsteen found partners who loved them enough to help them with their mental health issues. But not me.

I am in awe of people who keep on trying after relationships falter or fail. Even Lamott admitted she went through a lot of dates before she found the man she finally married in her 60s.