'Friendly' Advice

Bye Bye

Bye Bye

I am not good at making friends.

When I taught college classes, I learned a lot about myself.

First, I enjoyed learning. Not all my master’s level courses were fascinating, but I responded well to established theories. I could relate.

When I taught, I didn’t see the people in my classes as friends, although some of them wanted more than a teacher-student relationship. They wanted long-term involvement.

I practiced Cancel Culture before Cancel Culture was cool.

Every time I moved on from a neighborhood (not just a block but a city or state) or job, I left behind people I knew. It’s true that I stayed in touch with some former bosses and friends from college and even high school, but I moved on.

I had family but I found myself managing their affairs after they died. More on Death later . . .

I can organize. I love a good problem to solve. Research and application.